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Food Update

Mr_Mister posted Dec 27, 17

I scream, you scream, we all scream for the..

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Hi hi! We're going to be launching our new food plugin very soon. This will give new meaning to our chefs and restaurants. There isn't many details the Administration is giving at this current time. But here are some screenshots of the new update. This is not everything that's going to be updated just saying.

In General short form. The update will add new heads to the game, which are "Food" which gives effects, feeds you and the only people who can make the food are members Chefs. Side update the Health Department will regulate food safety. Thanks for reading the post. More updates soon to come!

Mr_Mister Edit to Above * There will be 300+ food (Or so I'm told) (;

Firing System

Mr_Mister posted Dec 26, 17

Firing System Update wink

Hey there! I'd like to announce a small update to the ModernScape Department Leaders! I've updated our firing system, and I would like all department leaders to create request forms. If you're a department leader and want a specific rank to be firable. I.E Army People. You'd create a request such as the following,

Who Has Access to It?:

Who would be Fired?:

Command: /Police Fire
Who Has Access to It?: Deputy Police Chief, Police Chief, Attorney General

Who would be Fired?: All Police Officers.

Above is an example on how the forum would be filled out. I would like all Department Leaders to fill it out according to their Department. Seriousness Aside, here is the command in usage!

Thank you for reading the post. Please refer to the Announcement below for appointments.


Mr_Mister posted Dec 26, 17

Appointment Update wink

Hey there! I am here to announce one of the biggest updates in ModernScape's History! So today, I created the appointment plugin. This is a very simple plugin to use. The intention for players is so they can appoint people to specific ranks without the owner needing to update the ranks. This way it's more realistic anyways. The commands are simple as well. The first command is /Appoint (Player) (Postion) this command is permission based. Certain appointable ranks are done though certain permissions. I.E the Vice President can appoint the Secretary of State, however the Secretary of State cannot appoint the Vice President. This is a neat system if I may say so myself. Here is an image of the system working on both ends! 

Pretty neat, huh? I did fix the issues of the [none] thing don't worry! The next thing in this announcement is the firing system! We will be getting an advanced command to fire people in a job. /PoliceFire /DoctorFire etc. This command will be permission based as well. Not only do we have a fire system coming soon we have a /PolicePromote command coming as well. This command will promote someone one group higher in the group hirearchy! Pictures of both systems will be out soon! More updates soon to come. I hope everyone had a Happy and Merry Chirstmas and great Holidays!

Mr_Mister *** UPDATE *** After posting this, I realised the picture was way to small and I cannot change it! To view it in larger ...
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