ModernScape is not gone forever! We are coming back, however this time as a Prison server with a few special tweaks and features that we know you will all enjoy. Keep updated and see you all soon!


Yes! We have decided to change up the website and systems a bit this time around. Here is what's new:

  • Re-Introduction of image tags on the forums and staff list for staff/donators/special ranks.
  • Forum sections and titles have changed.
  • Introduction of prefixes for Staff/Special ranks on the website along with their name color.
  • Special Ranks and Staff now have a post background color.
  • Re-Introducing Staff Sub-Teams.
  • Owner is blue, Admin is red, Helper/Moderator is teal, Developer is green, Builder is purple, Youtuber is gold, Twitch is pink, Donator is light blue.