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By Mr_Mister - Posted Dec 27, 17

You get a ban you get a ban and YOU GET A BAN!! 

Hellllo! In this update we will be going over the new features for the ModernScape Anti Cheat, Warden. This Anti Cheat is one of the most updated, and most modern Anti Cheats thats on the Minecraft Market! We're testing the Anti Killaura feature which tests the player using NPC(s) how fancy! We're also experimenting with AI learning. So the AntiCheat will learn as it ages so it will know whats hacking and whats not hacking. We should have everything with the AntiCheat running by the end of this month. At most by the end of Jaunary. This AntiCheat is amazing, and I love the Developer of who made it. Thank you. 

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