ModernScape Department Of Justice Roleplay Community is the ONLY Minecraft server that simply focuses on Emergency Services vs Civilian severe roleplay. ModernScape opens a new world of view for members by ensuring strict and realistic roleplay, a more broad variety of choice of roleplay, and much more! ModernScape is not just an ordinary city roleplay server like it once was. This is a new innovation. In fact, ModernScape is not City Roleplay at all! Previous competing city roleplay network, VindexCraft, has officially deemed ModernScape NOT a competing server.

ModernScape is based on a Grand Theft Auto V roleplay community known as the Department of Justice Roleplay Community, founded by Polecat324. However, we are bringing the concept to Minecraft. To join ModernScape you do not even need to own a copy of Minecraft. We have decided to incorporate ways to allow non-minecrafter members to join our community. Dispatching is one of the most fun jobs to have on this server in the opinion of Deputy Director, aDrew1 and Dispatch Director, Salty_Burrito. The job introduces a new innovative system, the ModernScape DoJRP Computer Aided Dispatching (C.A.D) // Mobile Data Transfer (M.D.T) Systems! These systems add in a web-interface that links things happening in the game with our Emergency Personnel and Civilians with the Dispatcher interface accessible by those who play Minecraft, and even those who do not. I guess you can just say there is always a way to join our community and help us improve, even without owning the game.

ModernScape is a whitelisted community. This being in effect allows us to ensure strict and realistic roleplay within the community. You must apply, then receive an interview before getting accepted into the community as a member. Allowing us to only allow those who we know take roleplay seriously and create a good, realistic environment for the community, and not cause problematic situations. Applying is simple, just use the website and be patient while one of our interview team members reviews the application, deems it worthy of an interview. However, there are a few prerequisites to becoming a member!

Modernia Police Department (MPD). The MPD is the police force of Modernia, the state name of ModernScape. Led by a Chief of Police, the Modernia Police Department risks their lives for the safety of everyone. Keeping people safe, the streets clean, and ensuring a secure environment is their job. Modernia Fire Department (MFD).

The MFD is the fire department of Modernia. This department is led by a Fire Chief. These men and women risk their lives fighting the fires of the
state and saving the lives of the people.

Modernia Emergency Medical Services (EMS). These men and women are the Medical technicians of Modernia. Led by a Chief Paramedic, these people are going out of their way to save the lives of the people. Providing medical support, transport, and treatment, the paramedics are here to save you!

Modernia Department of Communications (COMMS). This department consists of highly trained men and women where some own, and some do not own a copy of Minecraft. These people make sure the Emergency Services are organised and ensure safety when they may not have it. Keeping a organised and clean working environment for the Emergency Services allows the Communications Department to know where personnel are, and what they are doing at almost all times. Providing them immediate support if an issue may have arisen without being called in, indicating a possible emergency.

Civilian Operations (CIV OPS). This department consists of the Civilians of Modernia. Criminals, gangsters, businessmen/women, millionaires, etc. This department allows a very broad and wide variety of choices for you, the people, to make. Creating roleplay events, and living a virtual life inside the game of Minecraft. The choice is up to you as long as it abides by the rules and levels. No job titles next to your name limiting what you can and cannot do. The choice is yours! Whether you want to be a Uber driver, or a Real Estate Agent, it is up to you to decide. Your life. Your decision. ModernScape.